Durham Biodiversity
Data Service
Harebell - Keith Cunningham
Northern Marsh Orchid - copyright www.northeastwildlife.co.uk
Carline thistle - John Hope



To collate, manage and disseminate biodiversity data for Darlington, Gateshead, South Tyneside, Sunderland and County Durham.

To make the data available for public benefits such as nature conservation, education, planning control, research and greater public awareness.

To ensure decisions which affect local biodiversity are made using the best available data.


To manage and store information on BAP habitats, plants and animals in the DBAP area.

To provide a biodiversity data service at a local level to local authorities, statutory bodies, other organisations and individuals for nature conservation.

To work in partnership with those involved in the collection of biodiversity data.

To work in partnership with regional and national organisations to benefit nature conservation.

To encourage the collection of biodiversity data in order to ensure that decisions are made using the best possible datasets.

To hold site definitions and site boundaries for all classes of land of recognised nature conservation importance.